Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 3 and Detoxing

Day 3 and feeling even more  Its not like I've started my hardcore work-outs yet.  It must be my body dealing with the detox of getting rid of all the sugar, carbs and gluten.  However my liver is feeling happier already.  Did you know that there is a very strong theory that a toxic liver can cause arthritis?  Well not only a toxic liver, but kidneys and digestive systems fall under this as well. 

In many forms of arthritis (especially RA) pain and inflammation can be caused by an overabundance of circulating cmmune complexes (CIC’s). According to some theorists, CIC’s are formed in the body when larger than normal molecules escape from the gastrointestinal tract due to decreased integrity of the gut lining. Other antigens can be introduced as environmental pollutants that enter the body through various mechanisms. These molecules are recognized by the immune system as a foreign invader, which incites the formation of antibodies, which then couple with the antigen, forming the CIC.

In a healthy person, CIC's are sequestered and neutralized, but in arthritis(and other diseases) they accumulate and begin to overburden the eliminative organs and initiate allergic and immune responses. When too many CIC's accumulate, the kidneys and liver become overburdened, and cannot break them down. The CIC's are often shunted to the connective tissue (including the joints) to be destroyed by the immune system. White blood cells are summoned by cytokines to destroy the CIC's. However, in this process, normal or 'innocent bystander’ tissue can be attacked and damaged. High levels of antioxidants should be standing ready to regulate and monitor this process, but in all cases of arthritis, regardless of the type, a deficiency of antioxidants is the rule. Pain, inflammation, and stiffness results from these repeated, unregulated attacks.

I personally know from experience that when I eat clean and stay active, my liver functions properly and most, if not all of my joint pain and stiffness goes away.  This is coming from a young 30-something year old female who is relatively active!  Take care of your organs people, they mean everything.  Healthy living inside and out!

Interesting article at the following link about the liver and detoxification:

Now for today's log and the numbers...

Food Log:
8am - coffee w/half & half and sweet & low
11am - 2 hard boiled eggs w/salt
2pm - Lamb & Salad
3pm - decaf iced coffee w/half & half and sweet & low
6pm - artichoke hearts w/fresh lemon

Activity Log:
15 minutes walking at 3.0 pace
45 minutes walking at 3.0 pace
30 minutes walking at 3.0 pace

Day 3 weight: 146 lbs (down 5 lbs)

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