Thursday, June 4, 2009

Life Ramblings

It seems everyone that I know is going through one or more transitions in their lives. Either they're tweaking their health & fitness, renovating their homes, and/or trying to get out of some emotional funk. I wonder if the state of the economy in the world has made people wake up and realize that it's time to start living and doing with what one has instead of filling our empty lives with "stuff" that we buy. I have been know to fill the void in my life from time to time by stuffing either my mouth or home with things I don't need, and I find that I still feel empty even after the stuffing has ensued. How satisfying this past month has been out of the simple use of elbow grease and revamping my home. How free I feel not to have all the clutter suffocating me and the looming feeling that I should be at home cleaning and organizing my apartment all the time. When it's done and done well...then you are left with not only a feeling of completion and pride, but you are actually left with time. Time to do other things without that guilt in the back of your mind. Time to work on your health without the would've, should've, could've-s. At least that's how my brain works. I just don't feel I can do anything else with other things hanging over me. Granted, I do accomplish many things even with a messy house, but when the mess is gone, I just find it easier to avoid the excuses not to do something.

Now here's an observation: I always feel awesome after I fact, I actually enjoy some of my work-outs in the interim...then, why is it so dang hard to get my @$$ to the gym (or exercise at home). Why do I find excuses not to go, when I know it's good for me and I always feel good afterwards? I enjoy the good sore you get from a kickin' why do I fight it. Why do we fight it in general? Even the most skilled fitness guru admits to forcing themselves every now and then to get in their work-out. Why oh why can't we just enjoy it and stick with it and never argue with ourselves about it? Well then I guess it would be called playing or partying instead of working-out....huh? So here's my recommendation: Remind yourself why you go to the gym...remember that feeling you have once you've achieved your daily fitness goal (don't have one? Start making them and meet them head on)...really be aware of how your body feels after your work-out, not only at that moment, but for the next few days (can you enjoy that good sore feeling or the burst of energy you've gotten from it?)...I also like finding photos in a magazine or of myself at a favorite weight to help keep me motivated (For example, I found a pic of myself on Facebook the other day and really liked the way my arms looked in I asked myself, what was I doing to attain that good shape?...time to revisit that good habit!) So many things we can do to motivate ourselves. Heck I've gone as far as to tell my coworker to remind me to go to the gym on my lunch break...she giggles and has a fun time with it, and it's done in such a sweet way...our own little game and inside joke.

What's your motivation? What are you doing for you? It all starts with a deep breath and then you just gird your loins and get to it! The time to live is now, so start living and be happy in the knowledge that you are succeeding in just that...LIFE :)

Have a great day,


Lah said...

UGH!! Sooo true. I feel like I can fly after a good workout so you think i'd go everyday...hah, meanwhile...

I guess what motivates me are pictures of me at a better weight and working out with friends! I TOTALLY want to hit the gym with you! We will motivate each other, and I'm excited to see the Guerilla Cardio. I seriously need to switch it up.


Rebecca Hass said...

The trick is to keep rooted in 'why' this is important. So many other temporal pleasures will come up that the 'should' of exercise is a heavy task that you want to drop. If you know 'why' it matters it can empower you. The other place to look is at the 'how'. Find the athletic activity that excites you and make that your exercise. If you hate being at the gym but love nature, then run or hike. You can even do your sit ups and dips by the trees in your local park. If it isn't fun, then i just can't commit to it anymore!

Anonymous said...

Really good advice! Right now I'm sort of trudging, just staying grimly focused...but I'm starting to build up that "high" from doing well and pushing myself. It's a slow process but it's helpful to remind yourself constantly that it might not feel great right now - but it will eventually. :-)


Miz said...

stop by tomorrow.

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did you get my email response last week---my handheld can SUCK at times.