Friday, March 20, 2009

More Press

I'm in the papers again...this time the newspaper back home in little ol' Alvarado, Texas. It's a lovely article, more about my Opera Company than my performing, but hey, ya take what press you can get:

On the Not Fat part of this Opera Singer's Blog, I've worked out 3 times this week since Monday and I'm going to try to make today the 4th. I have found that using the Elliptical at the gym doesn't leave me feeling as well worked out as the treadmill or my "Shred" DVD at home. Sadly, I don't think my knees can handle the treadmill yet, if ever. I've been looking at getting a knee brace for my right knee to try and keep it aligned. I also hear that strengthening the muscles around the knees will also help me stabilize the knee. My problem happens because I naturally hyper extend at all my joints, and the knees are feeling the trauma of it (especially my right since that leg is a touch longer than the left...yeah, yeah, I'm a gimp, but according to statistics, most peoples appendages are naturally it's likely we're all a bit gimpy). I should also go and see a sports medicine doc, seeing as how this injury won't improve and I have daily pain (mostly when taking the stairs) We just have crap knees in my family and it's time to get them looked at. Oh yeah, and my bum right shoulder too...ugh, I'm falling apart. I think I've finally learned my breaking point and this should help me this time around of my endeavor to fitness. I'm taking it slow and staying away from things that I know have caused injury before. I can still "Shred", I just have to make sure to have a chair behind me to help stabilize my squats and light weights until the little muscles in the shoulder strengthen around the joint. And yes, I have to stay off the treadmill until I get a doctor's go ahead or really just avoid running in general :( At least I've discovered the process of getting in shape safely. I can't stress enough that we should take it slow at first...make sure you've got a good balance in all your muscles (big & small) before moving on to the heavier &/or more advanced work-outs. That's how I get injured every time...I push myself beyond, before I'm really physically ready to go there. I'm not saying don't try something new, I'm just saying, Know your limits. Don't get all machismo and do something beyond your physical capabilities. Your brain may know what to do, but your muscles and joints may not be ready to go there. So listen to your body and when it says "move on", or "this is too easy", then go the next step (and do not pass Go or Collect $200) other words, don't skip the important process of letting your body learn and grow...You'll be better for it in the long run.

Have a great day,

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carla said...

yes MAAM on taking any press, huh?
that's cool!

now the bod. how are you feeling after the weekend? were you able to do anything much workout wise? walk?