Wednesday, March 18, 2009

It's Alive.

I feel so really makes a difference when you increase your physical activity. The "30 Day Shred" is back in my life and I feel the better for it...and I've been getting up every morning before work, in order to do it (unthinkable). Today's plan is to get to the gym at lunch time and really make the most of the 30-45minutes I have there. Too bad I can't pop the DVD in at the, guess that would defeat the purpose of a gym membership.

On the singing front, I have another Die Fledermaus audition coming up...this one would take me to Florida to sing the role. That would make for a nice working vacation.

Opera Manhattan is now producing Scenes from Tosca in April followed by Scenes from La Traviata in June...all the while we've got the big "One-Act Opera Festival" coming up in late July, early August and that in itself is an undertaking. We're also negotiating with a local dance and fitness group to help structure the physical aspect of our little Opera Company. We want to help our singers get in shape through proper nutrition and exercise, including dance...I think we're going to help create the next generation of Opera Singers and that's very exciting.

Have a great day,