Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From Death's Door

Okay maybe the blog title's a little "dramatic" but I've had the hardest time shaking the plague that's been plaguing me. I guess some of you would call it the flu, but whatever name it goes by, I finally had to take a day off and actually rest to finally start getting better. I had the crud for 3 weeks, was better for 1 week and then came down with it again for another in the middle of the week after, I can honestly say it's getting better, and I'm taking it easy. I was supposed to start back at the gym last week when I was overthrown by the stupid achy, cough-y, stuffy/runny-ness of the whole affair...grrr...I really hate being sick. So I finally conceded and decided to take it easy and actually allow myself some much need rest. Boy that was hard, and I doubt I've had enough, but it was enough to put me on the road to now to be careful and fully get the germs outta my system. Unfortunately this illness hasn't been without casualty to my career, I went on my audition for my second Fledermaus on Saturday and it was a bit under for me, so I don't feel very confident about getting the job. However, my third Fledermaus opportunity comes this Saturday and hopefully I'll be well enough to do my best. It would be great fun if everything worked out!

While on the mend, I have been attending rehearsals for my current production of Die Fledermaus, working at Dicapo Opera, and working my Day job, so I'm still as busy as the duration however, I've been researching my next approach to my health & fitness goals. I really want to approach things with my heart in mind. My wonderful mom has suffered so much with diabetes, and heart problems for the past decade and as much as I love her and think the world of her, I don't want to end up like her health wise. She's always given of much that she never took care of herself. I think there has to be a happy medium there...I think you can be a good and giving person, but also find time for yourself. I've seen it done, now to figure out how to do it.

First things first, the plan (I'm good with the planning, but not always with the sticking).

A diet in lean proteins, low-glycemic, nutritious vegetables, healthy fats, and a smart ration in nuts & legumes is the idea. I have found in my recent eating endeavors that my body does not respond well to caffeine, sugar, bananas *cry*, potatoes, fish *allergic* and flour-based foods. Um, how many foods did I just scratch off the list? I have found however, that I can successfully eat eggs, dairy, veggies, nuts, beans, meats, and some rice without I really have no excuse not to eat healthy. Over the past year I've experimented enough with my own diet and kept record of what I've eaten and how I've felt in effect to those foods...the results: When I eat the foods listed in the (not respond well) category, I have found that I suffer from the shakes, irritability, headaches, indigestion, nausea, bowel problems, bloating, muscle fatigue/soreness, weird cramps, and joint pain...It's like my body goes into a weird toxic state until it rids itself of those foods. When I eat the foods on the (without ill-effect) list, I actually feel good, energized, clear-minded, and, well, clean...not to mention that the inches in my waist seem to just melt away and my clothes fit again. I'm not saying that I won't ever eat chocolate cake again, but I will make it a priority to eat well so that I feel good. I just can't understand how we can keep putting ourselves through bad cycles, especially when we know what will make us feel better. I do find that when I feel good, I tend to take it for granted...I'll do my best not too, and thankfully I have an instant reminder when I eat something that's not necessarily the best for me...oye!

Now the harder part for me, sticking to a good fitness plan! I know what to do, but I don't always do it. I've really got to make it a priority to work-out, and I'm hoping that once I've recovered from the plague that I've had for the past month plus, that I'll find the gumption to go back to my lunchtime work-outs. Why lunchtime? Well if you've ever visited my blog before then you know that I hit the ground running from 6am until midnight almost everyday, and my hour lunch break seems to be the only time that I can schedule a regular work-out. There's no excuse, I have the hour, and I should use it well (especially since my boss is cool with me eating my many mini meals at my desk.) I really want to raise my HDL & lower my LDL...I just don't want arterial plaque in my body, or any other ailments that will not only age me prematurely, but eventually kill me before my time. Sure I may get hit by a bus or a falling piano, but at least I'll go out healthy and feeling good. It's really all about quality of life, and it doesn't hurt that you look good while enjoying that quality...heck, one may say it adds to said quality ;)

Ok, so we know the plan, and plan on setting it forth in the very near future. I just have to be patient and allow myself to get well so that I don't run my health back into the ground...a bad habit of those who tend to burn candles at both ends.

Have a great day everyone, and here's to our health!


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carla said...

so glad you are feeling better and are back blogging (ok thats selfish but still...)

and the foodlist? thats me. there are certain things which when I eat em just make me feel CRAPPY.
I still eat them occasionally but with the awareness that its not a great choice for me.
that the following day or a few hours later I shall NOT have the energy I want or need.

(the exercise piece? let me know if I can help!)