Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walk the Walk

I was watching a health & fitness report on the news the other morning, and found myself rather annoyed at the "experts" giving advice.  The report was about an overweight young man who is pre-diabetic and wanting to get healthy, especially since his mother just past away from diabetes related complications. 

Now, I'm ALL for getting healthy...and I totally respect his desire and choice to do so.  However the folks that are giving him advice are the one's I'm concerned with.  You see, these are diet, exercise and nutrition "experts" that are guiding this young man through his journey...a very slow and long journey, according to his progress report.  Why so slow you ask?  It can be that he's not necessarily sticking with the plan 100%...but my guess is it has something to do with these so called experts.  These middle-aged women who look like the rest of the overweight, unhealthy Americans out there.  I'm sorry, but if I'm going to listen to you about a health and weight-loss program, you better be the model of health.  Now I know big people who are healthy and can kick butt in so many things.  But these ladies were not only overweight, their skin, hair and basic demeanor was unhealthy.  I just can't believe they really have the secret to a new and healthy lifestyle...and especially not the way to maintain said lifestyle.  I think this young gent would be better off if he went to a normal gym, picked up a well known success program / book or even talked ta a friend who has done the work...heck he may be further along in his goal than his current state.  And its SO discouraging when progress is slow, especially at the beginning.

So I say, look to Tim Ferris, Jillian Michael, or some health guru at your local gym who has done the work, shows and gets results, and really walks the walk.  I think your chances at success are better stacked in your favor.  Buyer beware.

Have a great day!

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