Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tightrope Walking

Hey kids, long time no see... I'm back and finally functioning, life is and has been a crazy whirlwind of events.

As we last read, I returned from the lovely country of Hungary, where I ate fried mystery meat and drank ridiculous amounts of alcohol (on the last night there). Since I got back from Hungary, I hit the ground running. First with taking up the helm as producer for Opera Manhattan's Hansel & Gretel (which got great reviews!!! Check them out:


After Hansel & Gretel was done, I came down with another horrible cold that started the Monday before Christmas...Not good, due to the fact that I had an audition that following Tuesday for a Christmas gig and then to sing for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day at said gig. Needless to say, I lost my voice with the new sickness and with the horrible cold weather/snow for that week. However I did somehow manage to sing for Christmas and as soon as Christmas Day was done, so was I. I finally just collapsed, took the week off from work and stayed in bed for some much needed recovery. After New Years, I did go back to work, but under puny circumstances. Half the week at work was spent leaving early and coming in later with one missed day in was a rough week, but I was trying not to miss anymore work (I need those days for my opera tours). Which leads us to the current week.

I feel so much better! I started my clean eating and work-out regiment again...Monday (The 30-day Shred Level 1), Tuesday (The 30-day Shred Level 2), Today is still up in the air due to my voice lesson and dinner plans after work, and Thursday is a bit sticky do to other plans that have arisen. However I know I shouldn't push myself too much my first week back from recovery. I'll just play it by ear and listen to my body to gage how much I can handle without relapsing. I have to say, I'm the worst at taking it easy...I'm generally an all or nothing kind of gal...which is not necessarily the smartest way to go about things. I tend to get all "gung-ho" and really push myself until I can't take anymore. I think it's good to have a hard working, ambitious personality & work ethic, but know when to say when (especially when you get sick)...BUT also, don't let it become a crutch or reason for excuse either. As all good things in life, we must find balance, and that is my never ending endeavor. As Ms. Jillian Michaels says, "pain is fear leaving the body...push through that pain to become stronger." And that's what I'm talking about...knowing the type of pain to push through...finding that balance to know what is the good sore and what is the bad. I think I'm learning and I know if you've ever had a really great work-out, then you know what I mean by good sore :)

So...on top of get well, healthy and fit, we have the next few productions now mounting on the horizon. I am once again donning my producer hat for Opera Manhattan's upcoming One-Act Opera Festival. This is going to be an exciting and very interesting group of productions. The festival's theme is how love drives one to madness, thus we have Dido and Aeneas, Erwartung and Bluebeard's Castle...very intriguing operas (and the last two are rarely done.) Whilst in the midst of producing these 3 gems, I will also be the head hair & make-up artist for several other productions at another opera company here in NYC. Yep, I'm a Jack of all Trades ;)

Then I have my own singing to concentrate on. In April, I'll be singing Musetta in a new, hot, modern production of Puccini's LaBoheme. We've already had a photo shoot for PR materials and I've now got to buckle down and get my role memorized before rehearsals start in March. Here's one of the fun pics from the shoot:
I might add, that this getting ready for this new production is a nice incentive to really get in great shape, who knows what the costume will be (think modern French hipster...with me as the gold-digger, brand-loving type.)
Have a great day!


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happy new year lovely... sorry to hear you were so ill! hope you are back on top form soon, no doubt ms jillian will help. thank you for your email last week, it really helped. talk to you soon :)