Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Remember to Breathe

Wow, that statement can trigger a whole slew of thoughts...when working out, when stressed, when angry, when holding your breath for a long time...you know...just remember to breathe.

In this case, it's regarding making choices...those little decisions that can effect the next minute, the rest of the day, the rest of the month. The decision to order the eggwhites with turkey bacon on multi-grain toast, instead of the bacon, egg and cheese on a roll (or an everything bagel)...the split decision that allows you to reach for that Christmas cookies or perhaps opt for the nuts instead. So I tell myself, "Breathe" when currently confronted with the new front of decisions that come with the holidays...I've had to do it this morning especially. Reading Jillian Michael's daily rant about the Tortoise & the Hare is a lovely reminder that slow and steady wins the race. This rings so true during this festive season of eating and partying. Just a slow and steady resolve to remind us that we don't have to be perfect, but it's good to remember to take it one choice at a time and keep on trying.

I've found that my choices are light years better than they were 10 years ago...I didn't change overnight...I flubbed alot...but I always kept the inspiration in my mind that you can never fail if you never stop trying...so you have a bad day, week, or month, but isn't your intention always to get back on track? Well then get back on track...take a deep breath, and ease back into it. You'll be proud with all the little successes throughout the day that add up to make one big success...and before you know it, you're light years ahead of where you were. We work so hard to keep ourselves healthy, why let one little flub derail the whole program. I like being an all or nothing kind of girl, don't get me wrong...it feeds my OCD tendencies sooo well and I love to chart my success...however, that only works when you have the all...but one screw up makes me want to do nothing, and before I know it, I've got a new amount of weight to lose...Not good. Apparently that method doesn't work...so now a new approach. Breathe and take one thing at a time. One good choice after another. Do I really want that pound of Godiva? PMS me says yes, but I've done so well so far, I think I can live with out it at the moment. Besides, I'm still full from that delicious Eggwhite, Turkey Bacon on Multi-Grain Toast sandwich I had not 2 hours ago...The moral of the story is: You can plan a good program, but if you find yourself faced with temptation and/or difficult choices, stop, take a deep breath and try, try again.

Have a great day,


Mark said...

"You can plan a good program, but if you find yourself faced with temptation and/or difficult choices, stop, take a deep breath and try, try again." WELL STATED! Thanks for this..just what I needed!

Anonymous said...

So beautifully put...it is all, ALL, about the single, tiny, moment-to-moment choices we make every day. They make us, or they break us - but they don't do it individually. One bad choice doesn't have to be the end of the world, if it's surrounded by good ones. I love knowing, and reminding myself, that if I made a bad choice it doesn't have to matter - because I'm faced with another opportunity to get it right, right away.

Great post...great philosophy!


MizFit said...

dangnubbit as I came here to say just that.
so well phrased...it's the best laid plans and then STICKING TO THEM and, when you dont, loving yourself anyway.

adored your photo @ diet girl.
you look beautiful!

Shivers said...

Just found your blog through Diet Girl. Great post, and great timing too, felt like I'd been holding my breath as I was reading it! :)

All Vegged Out said...

Ay, Good advice Bex. Your posts are it's always just what I needed to hear at that moment!

Missed ya!