Friday, November 21, 2008

Bloggerama, it's a Celebration!

I feel all warm and bloggy today...I've got such a positive outlook on life! I'm currently in the frame of mind that no matter what I do or eat, I'm still gonna reach my health & fitness goals. I'm not gonna stress about how or when I'm going to get there...instead I'm just going to relax, take it one moment/step at a time and KNOW that I'm already getting there...In fact I'm there now! I'm a heck of alot healthier, slimmer, and happier than I was 10 years ago. I would have been desperate to get to the weight and well-being that I'm at now. Isn't it nice to realize you've reached a goal and can look back and be thankful and celebrate you?! Yeah...I think it's great too! Yay me, and yay you, for continuing to strive for the best you & me we can be! Life is good kids...let's get out there and enjoy and celebrate life. It feels good to be active and be able bodied...and most of all ALIVE. I know the economy is currently limping, but's only money...I personally have enough stuff in my life to last me a lifetime...I don't need anything more...I have food, clothes and a roof over my head...and most importantly I have my health. Ok, so what if I lose my job...well I'm not above hard work...I'll clean toilets or flip burgers if I have to (doubtful that it will come to that) but again it doesn't matter because I'm alive and well. And if I keep my health up, I will be able to continue for along time and enjoy the beautiful simple things that make life worth living like friendship, love and laughter. I'm so rich in those things that I could not want for more. Sure my bank account goes back & forth in the negative, but I didn't choose my career for the money...I'll sing for free if it means the arts will continue to live and thrive...If I can share music with someone and bring a joyful and/or meaningful moment to them, then I've done my "job". I guess the moral of the story kids is that we should be Thankful for what we DO have...there is so much possibility out there you just have to see it, cease it and celebrate.

Have a great day!



Anonymous said...

Holy Moly Beck! I am overwhelmed by your positive energy! Go you! Woohoo! Feeeeeeeeel the love!

Anonymous said...

God, you sound so wonderfully, awesomely high-energy! I am so siphoning some of this off!

Seriously, I am so glad you're feeling so positive and so committed. You can do absolutely anything. And I did miss you. I've been away most of the time myself...and I always forget how much better I feel when I stay in touch with my blog-buddies.

Love you bunches!